Main Applications
There are few places where precision, strength, safety and reliability are more important than in a foundry. Colloidal silica is one of the most important products used in foundry operations.
The foundry sector uses more colloidal silica than practically any other industry in the world, and has done for a long time. Colloidal silica's main function at the foundry is as a binder used in:
¡¤ Refractory Fiber Bonding (RFB)
Refractory fibers used in high temperature insulation products require a safe and reliable binder. Colloidal silica is used for this purpose.
Products made in this way include parts for the steel and glass industries, coal and log fire parts, and insulation rings for radiant heaters. Such products are normally manufactured using a vacuum forming process. There are both organic (colloidal silica plus starch) and inorganic processes.
Colloidal silica is ideal for refractory fiber bonding due to its ability to withstand continuous operating temperatures of 1500C with little shrinkage and good resistance to thermal shock.
¡¤Refractory Cement/ Ceramics
In the refractory cement/ceramics industry Colloidal Silica is used as a binder in the manufacturing of big molded high temperature insulation parts/blocks. They are mainly used in steel, aluminum and glass furnaces.
The ability of Colloidal Silica to withstand continuous operating temperatures of 1500C with little shrinkage and good resistance to thermal shock make it indispensable in the ceramics casting process.
¡¤Precision Investment Casting (PIC)
It allows for greater intricacy of design and its high temperature tolerance and chemical inertness make it useful in binding a wide variety of refractory materials and for casting many metals and alloys.
Typical products made this way include turbine blades for aerospace and stationary engines, turbo fans and other parts for the automotive and weapons industries, medical and dental implants/instruments, and parts for household appliances.
Colloidal silica is used as a polishing agent in the electronics industry. Its fine particle size and chemical activity makes it perfect for polishing surfaces such as silicon and other semiconductor wafers that require exacting and specialized performance parameters.
Colloidal silica polishing slurries provide mirror-like surface finishes.
We provide a wide range of custom-graded, nanometer-sized colloidal silica solutions for the electronics industry that suits individual needs and applications.
¡¤Wafer Polishing
Silicon and other semiconductor wafers need to be sliced, lapped, etched and finally polished, depending upon the individual material and its properties, before they can be used in the electronics industry.
Colloidal silica slurry is used as a polishing agent with specialized equipment to achieve a consistent, mirror-like surface quality on semiconductor wafers.
We can provide a wide range of custom-made nanometer-sized colloidal silica solutions that will help you achieve consistent results.
¡¤Wafer Polishing
Polishing Misc
Colloidal silica¡¯s fine particle size and chemical activity makes it perfect for polishing surfaces that require exacting and specialized performance parameters, such as silicon and other semiconductor wafers.
Colloidal silica¡¯s nanometer-sized particles can also be used to polish polymeric materials, such as cataract lenses used in eye surgery.
Colloidal silica is used across the construction industry for a wide range of applications. Our Combined product range offers increased control and strength in cementing operations both above and below ground. It is used in self-compacting concrete, normal concrete, and in various well cementing operations.
Our solvent-free, low-viscosity hydrophilic chemical grout is used for rock injection and consolidation of sand and silt strata in a wide variety of underground construction applications such as tunneling, waterproofing, mining, and slope stabilization.
A coating is a type of paint, varnish, lacquer or other finish used to create a protective and/or decorative layer. Colloidal silica is used alone, or in combination with other materials, to improve surface properties such as adhesion and strength of many materials and to offer barrier effects such as heat, ultraviolet and chemical resistance.
The coatings sector may be broken down into industry segments:
¡¤Industrial coatings: wood, metal, plastic films and mineral coatings
¡¤Decorative coatings:  paints and coatings applied on-site to new and existing residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings
¡¤Marine and steel: protects new and existing commercial ships, offshore oil/gas rigs and equipment, pleasure craft, and other steel products
¡¤Functional coatings: improve friction, printability, mechanical strength, and anti-static properties.
Coatings now tend to be water-based, thanks to increasingly stringent clean air regulations and improvements in waterborne technology. All of our silica sols are waterborne, non-classified chemicals, and are well suited to this environmentally adapted technology.
Select Industries
Colloidal silica is used in many industrial processes. It is used in battery production, the beverage industry, in water treatment and in catalysts to name but a few.
We can ensure that you get the grade of colloidal silica best suited to your specific application - no matter what industry you represent or what products you produce.
Our products offer unparalleled versatility and high performance.